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Prioritizing Your Schedule

Video Podcast: Prioritizing Your Schedule

Jeff Phillips, Co-founder of Accountingfly walked through the real applicable tactics to put into practice when it comes to remote working. This includes checking into “the office” and dedicating that you will focus on work, as well as unplugging and going “offline” when you are done. It can be easy to fall into a perpetual “rolling” schedule of doing work as it comes up at all times of the day, and not working when you should be, simply because you are able to (because you are at home). If you can recreate a standard schedule for yourself, you can start to improve your efficiency, focus, and set your priorities.

“The best thing you can do to be effective [working remotely] is to take care of yourself.” This means creating a routine that you are comfortable with, where you can have micro-tasks that you can accomplish, to continually be productive in your daily life, which will enable you to be more focused and productive when it comes to your work. It can become very easy to get distracted with watching news updates that lead to negativity, or to feel out of control by a lack of standard routine, so the best thing you can do to take care of yourself is create a routine. We are creatures of habit, and it helps reduce stress caused by inconsistency.

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