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Richard K.

"Accountingfly makes multiple remote hires for Aprio each year and is a critical and trusted partner in our search for Accounting talent."

Chris D.

“We are extremely grateful for the lessons learned and the (remote policy) plan we developed…Liz and Jeff were great to work with!”

Dave B.

"Accountingfly worked with us to understand our needs. They supplied us 3 qualified candidates, and we were able to make a hire!"

Jasmine V.

“Beth really listened to what I was looking for personally and professionally. She was able to find a great fit that is mutually beneficial and will hopefully last for quite some time.”

Accounting Today

"Accountingfly, the job platform, is practically singlehandedly awakening the profession to the enormous potential of hiring staff remotely (potential that's only become more enticing during the current pandemic)."

Accountingfly Client

“Accountingfly really understands the needs of accounting firms. The team consistently screens for high quality candidates by taking the time to understand our unique needs as a remote accounting firm. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Mary P.

“My experience with Accountingfly was wonderful! You helped me obtain my dream job and I definitely feel I am valued by my new employer.  I even had multiple choices to pick from, thanks to Accountingfly! I appreciate you!”

Accountingfly Client

"Accountingfly did their due diligence to make sure they knew who we needed on our team, offered guidance on compensation and the benefits we had to offer to be competitive, and then helped us work with the candidates to bring them onboard."

2022 CPA Firm Client

“Accountingfly really understands the needs of accounting firms. The team consistently screens for high quality candidates by taking the time to understand our unique needs as a remote accounting firm. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Ana B.

“I would not trust anyone else, except Accountingfly and its personnel, to help me in my job search. The availability of jobs and the professional and caring demeanor of the recruiters is unmatched. I highly recommend Accountingfly to any accountant looking to further their career.”

Stephen J.

"While working with Accountingfly we received timely, consistent updates on their widespread and unique candidate pool. It was a very refreshing experience to work with a remote company with so much experience, as opposed to more recent “pop-up-shop” remote service providers."

Julie S.

"We attempted to use some traditional ways to advertise and find our own team, but it was almost impossible in this tight labor market. So we turned to Accountingfly. And they delivered some amazing candidates to us that matched our firm perfectly. We love our newest team members! They are flourishing with us!"

Jean H.

"I was very hesitant about using Accountingfly at first. I finally decided to give it a try. Beth was able to find me a really great tax preparer that is a great fit for my growing team. I have been very pleased with who she found for me. The valuable time it has saved me with interviewing and evaluating if a person is the right fit has been a huge relief to me."

Brett B.

“Accountingfly went above and beyond what I expected from an accounting freelance site. They were very helpful in finding a firm that was a good fit for my skills and experience. I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I could recommend that any accountant looking for solid opportunities for work to use Accountingfly!”

Julie W.

"Beth at Accountingfly was amazing to work with! She talked to me before my interview, gave me pointers and encouragement and she was always there if I had any questions. Up until the end of the long interview process, she was extremely helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience … and I got the perfect job to boot!!"

Scott S.

"We used Accountingfly for what originally was going to be one position to fill, and the quality of candidates impressed us so much we splurged for two hires... this was back in 2020 and they're still with us in 2022, going strong. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience and team at Accountingfly... keep up the great work!"

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