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hiring manager using technology and her team to execute her firm's vision

WEBINAR: Staffing for a Modern Firm

To build a modern firm, you’ll need to leverage the right technology, automate work, and hire the right team to execute your vision. Hiring is hard enough. So where do you get started on your journey of building the right team for your firm? Join hiring expert Jeff Phillips as he presents an overview of how to find, attract, and land the right talent for your modern firm. Learn candidate preferences and the decisions you can make to stand out in a crowded candidate market.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify major trends that will affect how you hire for the next decade.
  • Recognize what attracts the top talent into your firm. You can do this by optimizing your workflow with the right automation tools, remote work, seasonal work, and flexible work.
  • Determine how to hire, onboard, and manage talent in a modern firm.

This webinar is part of our Automating Success series. In addition, this webinar will also highlight and help identify key issues and fixes in our fictional case study. Read more on Klein, Rowe & Co today. This webinar was sponsored by Gusto.

Testimonials from this Webinar:

  • “Very informative for me as an older Baby Boomer. The presenter did a great job in keeping my interest by detailing current changes in the business environment which are happening right now and will certainly influence the future of the office structure and employment.”
  • “good information – easy to listen to articulate presenter.”
  • “I am not from a CPA firm but work for a corporation and dealing with the same staffing issues – it is a very relevant topic in todays working environment.”
  • “I really enjoyed this webinar and found it helped clarify my thinking around the direction I believe my firm will take over the next few years.”

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