The Best Way to Find a Remote Job in Accounting or Tax

Simple. Use a boutique recruiter that specializes in remote public accounting placements. 

[Disclaimer: We’re biased. Accountingfly is a boutique recruiter specializing in helping candidates find remote tax jobs and remote accounting jobs at CPA firms].   

Read on to learn why it makes sense to use a recruiter to find a remote accounting job or tax job, or if you want to jump right in, check out currently available remote accounting and tax jobs or submit a current resume.

Apply Once, Be Considered for Dozens of Jobs 

When you apply to one job at Accountingfly, you’ll be considered for every open position we’re working on and be evaluated for a fit with numerous public accounting firm clients who are always hiring qualified candidates.   

On the other hand, if you apply to a firm (either directly or via a big job board), you’ll only be considered for that one job. If you don’t get that job, you’re back to square one and have to start the search and apply process all over again.

Your Resume will be Reviewed Promptly by a Human Being 

Robots might be taking over the accounting industry, but we have a strict “no robot” policy at Accountingfly. Our approach is pretty straightforward: every single resume we receive is reviewed promptly by a human being who knows the accounting industry.  

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works everywhere. “Firms that use job boards often receive hundreds of applicants (many not even in the accounting industry or based in the US!) for a single job,” notes Beth Dierker, Accountingfly’s Director of Fulfillment. Unfortunately, most accounting firms simply don’t have the capacity to review that many applications, so there’s a decent chance that no one will ever even open your application. 

Meanwhile, big corporate recruiting companies and some large public accounting firms use ATS software to review resumes (they don’t have a “no robot” rule) so if your resume isn’t perfectly optimized to match the AI algorithm, you’ll be rejected by a robot and no human being will ever see your resume.

Have a Consultant By Your Side

The best recruiters are also consultants–they’ll help you make your resume stand out, they’ll understand your career path and goals, and they’ll share your story with client firms, highlighting special attributes that often aren’t conveyed on a piece of paper.  

Do you have great communication skills or a knack for communicating technical information to non-technical people (like a client)? Then, you can rely on a recruiter to carry that message.

On the flip side, a good recruiter can also help address any bumps in your career journey. Beth Dierker again: “I recently talked to somebody whose resume had a lot of movement.  I had a candid phone call with him and asked him to walk me through it, and all the job changes made sense.  After talking to him, I was able to get him in for an interview with a top 50 firm.”

Lastly, recruiters can help with the tricky discussions about money, hours, and work-life balance.  By acting as a go-between for conversations that might be a little awkward, recruiters help get an offer on terms that work for everyone.  

It’s Free

Recruiters are paid by employers, so it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Now’s the Time and We’re Here to Help

Right now, this might be the best job market ever for tax professionals and accountants with public accounting experience.  

If you want to capitalize on this market and find a great remote accounting or tax job, consider working with a recruiter that gives you access to multiple job opportunities, will review your application promptly, and will help facilitate/advise on your job search.

The team at Accountingfly is here to help.  Check out our currently available remote accounting and tax jobs, or submit a current resume to get started. 

Best of luck with your job search!


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