What to Do When Your Accounting Job Postings Aren’t Working

It’s no secret that hiring accountants is a buyers market. While the number of accountants in the U.S. is increasing, demand is outpacing the supply, particularly when it comes to CPAs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow 10% by 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

That means your accounting job postings have to be smarter, more creative, and more alluring than ever before. But many accounting firms (so, so many accounting firms) are writing job postings that don’t work.

If your job postings aren’t attracting enough qualified candidates–or worse, aren’t attracting candidates at all–Accountingfly has your back. Here are some tips on how you can improve your accounting job postings to snag the best accounting talent on the market.

Define your brand, then sell it, sell it, sell it

A job posting is no longer a simple notification of an opening. It’s an advertisement. As such, it needs to embody the spirit of your brand in a clever way that catches the candidate’s attention.

If your HR department is writing your job postings in a vacuum, then you’re doing it wrong. HR and marketing should work together to create punchy, impactful postings that sell your firm’s culture to the talent.

Your firm isn’t new and small. It’s “agile and flexible” and “looking for leaders to define its trajectory.”

Your firm isn’t old and rigorous. It “provides a structured environment for rapid career advancement.”

Remember, this is the era of TL;DR

TL;DR is millennial shorthand for “too long; didn’t read.” And if you didn’t already know that, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article, because your job postings are probably in trouble.

Through texting, social media, email, apps, and websites, we’re bombarded by thousands of words every day. We couldn’t read everything we’re confronted with even if we wanted to.

As such, even the most interested candidate probably won’t read your posting word for word. They’ll likely scan it–and that means your post needs to be easily scannable. Otherwise it goes straight into the mental TL;DR file.

Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Break up the posting with subheads. Put the most vital and compelling information up front, right in the headline or in the first sentence. And remember, bulleted lists are your friend.

Use third-party accolades

Third-party awards and recognition are a great way to set your firm apart from the herd. If you’ve ever been named the best of anything by anyone, put it in the ad. It gives your post credence and believability–and makes you sound less braggy.

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Be clear and concise

By the time the reader gets to the meat of the posting, hopefully he’s already hooked. At this point he wants to know the specifics. Don’t play “hide the ball” with euphemisms and corporate jargon. Simply state the job’s duties and requirements in short, scannable bulleted lists.

Give as much detail as you can on compensation and benefits

We know it’s sometimes tricky to put a salary in a job posting, but because it’s probably the factor the recruit will consider the most, try to at least include a range.

And be sure to mention benefits. The usuals are great–health, dental, 401(k), etc. But you’ll get bonus points for rarer benefits like remote work options, paid paternity leave, profit-sharing and bonus structures, mentorship programs, and flexible hours.

Location, location, location

If you’re listing an in-office accounting position, chances are you’ll have some out-of-towners looking at your posting. That means you’ll need to sell your location as much as your firm.

Talk about what makes your city a great place to live and work. Or if you’re in a suburb, describe the culture in the town while also illustrating how fast and easy it is to travel to the nearest metropolis for weekend getaways.

Upcoming guide and sample accounting job posting

Accoutingfly will be publishing a full, multipage guide on creating the ultimate accounting job posting soon, so keep an eye out for that on this site and in your inbox. In the meantime, take a look at this sample accounting job posting to see an example that illustrates these best practices.

When postings still don’t work, turn to the experts

The accounting candidate pool may be smaller than the demand, but well-written job postings will improve your chances of landing A-list talent.

But if you really want to accelerate your recruiting, you’ll need a partner like Accountingfly. See how we can help you go beyond “post and pray” and build the ultimate accounting team now.

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