Accountingfly always-on recruiting service terms & conditions

Welcome to Accountingfly’s Always-On Recruiting service (“AO Service”)! 

Please review the terms below carefully! By enrolling in Accountingfly’s AO Service, you (“Client company”) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, including without limitation the obligation to pay placement fees to Accountingfly as set forth below in the event that you hire or retain an Accountingfly-referred candidate.

What’s Included in Accountingfly’s AO Service

  • Regular email summaries of select US-based candidates seeking employment in the accounting industry. 
  • Summaries are typically sent weekly, with the exact schedule determined by Accountingfly.
  • Initial assessment and evaluation of all candidates by Accountingfly’s recruiting team, including completion of a screening interview.
  • Follow-up in the event that Client company expresses interest in a candidate, including providing additional candidate information and interview coordination and scheduling assistance (upon request).
  • Ongoing candidate communication and support through the interview process (upon request).
  • Offer facilitation and offer/negotiation advisory services (upon request)‌.

Client Company Responsible for Candidate Evaluation & Hiring

Client company shall be solely and exclusively responsible for conducting candidate employment interviews, verifying all candidates' experience and skills, and otherwise ensuring candidates’ suitability for employment. 

Client company shall be solely and exclusively responsible for checking candidate references, credentials, educational experience, conducting background checks if desired, and making hiring decisions.‌

Client company shall be solely and exclusively responsible for determining whether to extend an offer of employment, the terms of any such offer, and for communicating/negotiating any such offer. Accountingfly will provide advice and facilitation services upon request.

Fees & Payment

In the event that Client company hires, retains, or otherwise contracts with a candidate referred by Accountingfly (“Accountingfly-referred candidate”) for such candidate’s services (“Hire”), Client company shall pay Accountingfly a placement fee (“Placement Fee”) in the amount and pursuant to the terms set forth herein. All candidates included in the regular AO Service email shall be considered Accountingfly-referred candidates.

The Placement Fee due for all Hires shall be determined as follows: 

  • For fully remote Hires: 20% of the candidate’s annual salary
  • For location-based and hybrid (partially remote) Hires: 25% of the candidate’s annual salary
  • In the event that a candidate is compensated on an hourly basis, 20% (for fully remote) or 25% (for location-based or hybrid) of candidate’s hourly gross pay rate multiplied by two thousand. 
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, Client company acknowledges that Accountingfly's minimum total fee for any Hire is $6,750. In the event that the Placement Fee calculated based on a percentage of annual salary or hourly rate totals less than $6,750 for a Hire, Client company agrees to pay Accountingfly a flat Placement Fee of $6,750 for such Hire in lieu of a Placement Fee calculated on a percentage basis.

Client company shall notify Accountingfly within 3 business days after an Accountingfly-referred candidate accepts an offer to work for Client company, with such notification to include the agreed-upon annual salary (or, in the case of hourly or other compensation structures, details of such compensation).‌

After receiving such notice, Accountingfly shall send Client company an invoice for the Placement Fee due for such candidate. 

All Placement Fees due hereunder shall be due upon the date that an Accountingfly-referred candidate commences work for Client company. All payments owing under this agreement may be made via either or ACH. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% service fee and by request only. 

Client company agrees that it shall pay all Placement Fees due hereunder on or before the due date. In the event that payment is not received on or before the due date, the parties agree that a late payment fee of 1.5% shall be assessed each month on any overdue balance.

Multiple Hires, Multiple Applications, Multiple Referrals, Candidate Confidentiality, Additional Accountingfly Services

Multiple Hires: If Client company makes multiple Hires, Client company agrees to notify Accountingfly within 3 business days of each offer acceptance and agrees to pay a Placement Fee in the amount and on the terms set forth herein for each and every Hire.  

Multiple Applications:  Any candidate referred by Accountingfly pursuant to the AO Service shall be treated as an “Accountingfly-referred candidate”, even if such candidate also applies directly to Client company.  

Multiple Referrals: Client company acknowledges and agrees that Accountingfly may refer candidates to more than one client for consideration. Client company shall have no exclusive or priority rights hereunder to any candidate and agrees that Accountingfly shall have sole and exclusive discretion to determine when, whether, and which candidates to refer to Client company.

Candidate Confidentiality: Client company agrees that it shall keep the identity, contact information, qualifications, and all other information regarding any Accountingfly-referred candidate strictly confidential and shall not share any such information with any third party for any reason without the express written consent of both Accountingfly and the candidate.

Additional Accountingfly Services: This agreement covers only the services set forth herein and above only and does not include Accountingfly dedicated job search services or promotion of specific Client company job openings. In the event that Client company wishes to utilize any of Accountingfly's other recruiting services, including, without limitation, a dedicated job search for any specific positions or seasonal contractor placement, a separate agreement will be required. Please contact your Accountingfly representative for details.

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

In performing their respective duties set forth herein, each party hereto shall comply with (and shall be solely and exclusively responsible for its own compliance with) all applicable laws and regulations.

Credit in the Event of Candidate Departure

If an Accountingfly-referred candidate retained by Client leaves Client's employment within 90 days of the candidate's start date or is terminated by Client for any reason within 90 days of that candidate's start date, Client company shall receive an Accountingfly credit in an amount equal to 100% of the Placement Fee paid for such candidate.

Accountingfly credits may be applied to any Accountingfly services within 18 months of the Client company receiving such credit. Eighteen months after the date that the credit initially accrues to Client company, any unused credit amount shall expire, and Accountingfly shall have no further obligation to Client company whatsoever.


Accountingfly reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to Client company. In the event of a material change to these terms and conditions, Accountingfly shall notify Client company of such change in a reasonably timely manner.

Term & Termination

This agreement shall take effect when Client company accepts these terms and conditions via electronic means or otherwise and shall remain in effect unless either Accountingfly or Client company elects to terminate by providing 15 days prior written notice to the other party. 

If an Accountingfly-referred candidate accepts an offer to work for Client company within 180 days after termination of this agreement, Client company agrees to notify Accountingfly within 3 business days of offer acceptance and further agrees to pay Accountingfly the Placement Fee for such candidate(s) as set forth above.


Notice to Accountingfly shall be delivered via electronic mail sent to Notice to Client company shall be delivered via electronic mail sent to the email address provided by Client company at the time of enrollment. In the event that contact information for either party changes, such party shall notify the other party hereto of the change in a timely manner.