Accountingfly Hiring Update: June 2024

Sharing our perspective on the latest trends impacting talent acquisition in the accounting industry.


Market Trends: Bookkeepers (+) are Back in Demand and Other Employment Market Tidbits

  • Bookkeepers Are Back and Better than Ever?

    • Over the last few years, we’ve had fewer and fewer clients asking us for help finding bookkeepers. That’s changed in 2024. Demand for bookkeepers has come roaring back but with a few notable differences from previous years.
    • But today’s bookkeeper job description looks different from 5 years ago. Our clients’ roles focus on analysis rather than data entry, require high-tech skills (automatic bank feeds, etc.), and often include responsibilities like managing offshore personnel. 
    • In other words, today’s bookkeeper role looks a little bit like yesterday’s staff accountant. 
  • What is the New Talent Stack, and How Can You Benefit?

    • In the latest Accounting Talent Podcast, Accountingfly Co-Founder Jeff Phillips lays out what he calls the new talent stack.  
    • It’s a framework accounting employers can use to predictably and reliably fill open roles, deliver consistent value to clients, avoid increasing turnover, and increase profit margins. 
    • It’s designed to solve the talent crisis facing accounting teams by tapping into new sources of talent, including:
      • U.S. Based Remote Hires – for full-time roles, works for any role inside the accounting firm or corporate accounting team
      • U.S. Based Remote Freelance Hires – for interim roles, project-based talent, and seasonal support (think tax preparers during busy season) and applies to any area your team needs a role filled but doesn’t require a full-time role commitment
      • Global Offshoring – taking advantage of the sizable economic arbitrage available by making teams of hires overseas, firms can hire dedicated, results-focused accountants to complete work that supports the domestic team.
  • Other Market Trends: Advisory and Xero

    • Advisory continues to be hot; firms are looking for candidates with a foundation in tax + accounting (financial statement review) who can analyze financial statements and give financial advice.
    • Xero proficiency as a must-have? We’re receiving more and more requests for Xero-qualified candidates. They’re out there, but it can take a bit more looking. 


Salary News: Starting Salaries for Recent Hires by Accountingfly Clients

Here’s a snapshot of recent hires by Accountingfly clients. Let us know if you want more data or details on market-rate salaries!

  • Senior Tax Associate

    • CPA 
    • 8 years in public accounting
    • Hired at $86K
  • Nonprofit Senior Accountant

    • QBO Advanced ProAdvisor,, and Gusto certified
    • 6 years in public accounting
    • Hired at $80K
  • Tax Accountant

    • Experienced with 1120s, 1065s, Schedule C and Schedule E, etc. 
    • 12 years tax experience
    • Hired at $80K
  • Accountant-in-Charge

    • CPA
    • 11 years in public accounting
    • Hired at $125K


Meta-trend to Watch: Employers Seeking AI-Savvy Accountants and Willing to Pay

  • An Accountingfly First: Firms Asking For Candidates with AI Skills

    • Liz Branch (Accountingfly’s COO) reports that multiple new clients requested candidates with AI experience during calls with partners and hiring managers in May. That’s a first for us, but we expect the trend to continue. 
  • PWC Says Accountants with AI Skills Get Paid

    • Check out PWC’s AI Jobs report, which concludes that AI skills are in high demand and specifically that accountants with AI skills command an 18% wage premium (see page 8 of the US section). 


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