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WEBINAR: Finding Your Ideal Job in the Midst of the Great Resignation

It’s the best time to find a new job in accounting—but time may be running out with a potential recession looming. Do you know how to get the right opportunity and land the job? So let’s talk about finding your ideal job.

Join an interview with CPA Recruiter Beth Dierker of Accountingfly. Beth has helped hundreds of CPAs and accountants find a new role they love.

In this webinar, Beth will update you on the current job market, and she’ll also answer your questions on hiring trends. Learn about the best practices for job seekers to find and land your ideal job!

Learning Objectives: 

  • Outline the current job market and see what new positions are available

  • Determine the current hiring trends that could help you land your dream position

  • List the best practices for job seekers

Testimonials from this Webinar:

  • “Informative! I am hoping Accountingfly can assist me in finding my next ideal job.”
  • “Excellent seminar. Beth helped me open my eyes to my next job search. She seems like a great recruiter and seems to care about placing applicates in a job they will have the best chance liking and succeeding at.”
  • “The presenter gave useful information about the current job market for CPA. It was helpful for considering future job change.”

Schedule a Discover Call to see how Accountingfly can help!

Accountingfly is ready to help firms and companies hire permanent or temporary remote accountants. Schedule a 30-minute Discover Call with Accountingfly to learn how our years of recruiting experience can help you place the right person in your company and grow your business.

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