Hire an Accountant with your outsourced recruiting team.

Accountingfly will take over your entire hiring process from start to finish. We build a marketing plan, source and screen candidates and provide you a summary of the most qualified accounting talent for your final interviews.


Why outsource your recruiting?

Let’s face it. You don’t have time to recruit. Companies outsource lots of tasks like IT, marketing, legal, etc. So why aren’t you outsourcing your recruiting too? Let us find the top accounting talent and bring them straight to you. 

Reasons to outsource:

Why Accountingfly?


Our staff of experts has extensive experience in recruiting, marketing, sourcing and more. We’ve built a proven process in accounting that has resulted in 91% of our hires staying in their job.


Our marketing efforts reach 95% of active accounting job seekers and we have access to thousands more that no one else does. All of this is supported by direct-sourcing so we can put the right candidate with right company.


Accountingfly Placements are 40% of the cost of traditional staffing agencies, making the economics of outsourcing work in your favor. 

Bruce Phillips, CEO, Aprio Cloud

“Accountingfly helps us find expert cloud accountants on the fly. I could go to Upwork or Robert Half and find an ‘accountant’, but they would be your traditional accountant. We’re a virtual firm with unique needs, and a generic hiring platform doesn’t work for us."

Dave Betz, Chief Success Officer, Gineris & Associates, Ltd

“Your candidate pool, the tools you have for candidates, plus the promotion you're doing on behalf of us firms hiring - ARE AWESOME!”

How does it work?

We will work with you on a company level as well as a job level to understand your unique set of values and objectives. You will have a dedicated recruitment team assigned to you from start to finish.

Step 1: Assessment

We work with you and your team to understand your culture, your staffing needs and most importantly your company’s unique value proposition. We use this to craft a custom job posting that is unique and SEO friendly for maximum reach.

Step 2: Sourcing

We leverage our large network of active and passive job seekers to market you and your opportunity. We use all tools available to us from  job boards, our candidate database, direct sourcing resources, marketing channel audiences, and more.

Step 3: Screening

We take our hand-picked candidates and put them through a thorough vetting and screening process to ensure they line up with the values and needs provided during our Assessment.

Step 4: Final Interviews

We provide a detailed summary of chosen candidates including screening notes, resume, questionnaire and more so that you can perform the final interviews.

Let's build a long-term recruiting relationship!

We strive to build long-term relationships with all our clients. These firms and companies trust us to deliver the right hires needed to grow their business at a fast pace.

We want to build this same relationship with you and become your trusted recruiting partner. 

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