How to Write the Ultimate Accounting Job Posting

Tips and best practices for writing job postings guaranteed to attract top accounting talent

Your job postings are advertisements for your company.

Make them great.

Because there are more CPA job openings than there are CPAs looking for work, no applicant is going to come running to you begging for a job. So you need to pull them in with your posting and drive them to take action.

Everything you need to write a job posting that drives applications.

This guide dives into the details of what makes job postings engaging.

We have seriously covered everything in this guide. We have years of experience writing job postings that have improved application performance across the board — for remote jobs and traditional office-based jobs alike.

Effective Call to Action

The call-to-action (CTA is your final chance to sell prospects on your firm. Learn how you can get more accountants to click that magical “Apply Now” button.

SEO Checklist

Before submitting your accounting job posting, consult this SEO checklist to make sure you’re maximizing traffic and visibility.​

The Do's and Dont's

Find out the right way-- and wrong way--to craft your job posting. You may know what to include, but we'll show you exactly how to write everything in the most compelling way possible.

Highlighting the Benefits

We're not talking about just medical and dental here. What unique benefits are accountants looking for?

Creating a Killer Headline

The headline is your first opportunity to grab your readers' attention and draw them into the longer description. Don't treat it lightly.

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