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How to Hire Tax and Accounting Talent in Nine Steps

Are you struggling with to fill your Tax and Accounting positions?You are not alone. These days, many hiring managers are finding that hiring qualified accounting talent is incredibly difficult. However, it is possible and doable with the right playbook. 

Join Jeff Phillips, the CEO of Padgett and founder of Accountingfly (a specialty staffing firm that hires hundreds of people into firms every year). In this session he will teach you nine immediately usable tactics to fill your open roles in firms and corporate teams.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how to use the current labor trends to your advantage in hiring staff
  • Identify how to find the right person for a role and convince them to consider your firm
  • Outline how to use work trends like remote office, freelancing, and offshoring to help in hiring efforts
  • Demonstrate how to close hires
  • Recall what months are best for recruiting
  • List talent evaluation best practices

Let's make your job postings work for you!

Testimonials from this Webinar:

  • “Very relevant topic and advise for dealing with this labor market!!!”
  • “Timely and useful information for CPA firms of all sizes.”
  • “Wonderful presentation!”
  • “It was very informative.”

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